Aug 262014

We have a client that uses Final Cut Pro 7 on several Mac Pros running Mavericks to edit and capture videos on our flow:rage video storage. They are working with SD material encoded as either IMX 50 or ProRes. They reported that sometimes after stopping the capture within Final Cut Pro 7 using the ESC key the newly created video would not show up.

After hours trying to reliable reproduce the issue I gave up. What I can say is that some capture files (like 1 in 20) stop to grow during the ingest on network volumes. No log entries are created. I think that the network connection or the network stack within the kernel stalls. All network protocols tested (AFP, SMB and NFS) suffered the same problem on multiple servers. The temporary capture file with the “-avpostfix stays within the destination folder with a broken and presumably unrecoverable QuickTime header.

FCP Capture

I further discussed the issue with the main developer of just:in, ToolOnAir’s ingest solution. He confirmed that just:in successfully uses the QuickTime 7 API to write IMX and ProRes encoded video files to network storages.

QT7 Capture

As the underlying QuickTime 7 API is still working as expected I conclude that this issue is another bug affecting Final Cut Pro 7 under Mavericks. I worked around this problem by creating a local watchfolder that moves the captured file automatically to the flow:rage.

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