This is a list of projects where I constributed at least one line of code

• AppleScript:
A small AppleScript wrapper application around Burp.jar to make it more OS X like

• Python: lsdns
lsdns queries a DNS server for all host names within a given IP range. The result is printed as a list of comma separated values for further processing.

• Objective C: RAMDiskCreator
OS X includes a command line tool to create RAM disks. This tool simplifies the creation by introducing a graphical user interface.

• node.js: PresStore Converter
PresStore Media Converter (PMC) is a enhanced preview generator for Archivware’s PresStore Archive

• Objective C: deskstickies
Keep important text snippets at OS X’s desktop (level)

• C: fuse4x4avid
A fork of fuse4x to enable Avid to consolidate on fuse4x volumes

• C: fuse4x
A port of FUSE for Mac OS X

• C# .NET: sam-alcatraz-implementation
A simple game, developed for the SAM course at the UAC TV, that uses a distributed server infrastructure based on Spread and Microsoft WCF.

• C: tcpip-stack-for-lp2478-ycos
TCP/IP Stack implementation on top of uCOS II running on an NXP LPC2478

• C: bindfs
A great plugin that implements the bind filesystem for FUSE

• C: simple-message-server-client
Another small project for the distributed systems course at the UAC TV

• Java: ode-currency-converter
A very very simple java project done for the ODE course at the UAC Technikum Vienna

• C#: fb-sudoku
A quite good implementation of the popular sudoku game

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