Dec 122013

retrospect-345535-1268041934Once in a while one of our customer who still uses Retrospects 6 updates to the latest version using the built-in updater. Now he has two problems:

  • At first it’s a paid update that disables your backup software without a valid serial number. However most people don’t see the corresponding information and think it’s free. This is not a nice way to introduce people to your new version!
  • The more important problem is, that Retrospect 10 can’t handle Retrospect 6’s catalog files. Thereby all your tapes are completely useless! They even have a “Tip” on how to handle this situation. To quote one user’s forum post:

It´s so ridiculous … a Backup-Application that cannot read it´s former backup-sets

What I learned from this upgrade path is that I will never ever sell Retrospect again. I’m using Archiware P5 instead!

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