Aug 012012

The following problem can be reproduced on all Mac OS X Lion clients:

When you set your Adobe After Effects CS5.5 render output path to a folder on an NFS volume shared by an Windows 2008 R2 server the render process stalls. After that the machine has to be hard reset!

While doing some server and network protocol performance tests we discovered the described problem. We also set up a dedicated Windows NFS test server and a Mac OS Lion client to verify it. Other NFS servers are working as expected.

It looks like that After Effect tries to set a lock on the render destination file. During that something (??) goes wrong and the process stalls. After that the NFS kernel extension is still dead locked (??) and you need to hard reset your Mac.

To work around this issue the “sync” mount command line option can be used! This causes a big performance loss but at least it allows you to render to the NFS volume.

mkdir mountpoint
mount -t nfs -o sync server:/sharepoint mountpoint

Further details about the sync/async operation can be found in the exports man page.

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