Mar 092012

I often have to migrate mailservers therefore it’s important for me to have a tool like imapsync.

Imapsync, as the name suggests, is used to sync a source and a destination imap mailbox. It’s highly customizable and can be scripted using the powerful command line interface.

I don’t want to write a full tutorial (see herehere or here) but instead give you a short overview.


Simple usage overview

imapsync --host1 --user1 foo --password1 secret1 --host2 --user2 bar --password2 secret2

For further information see the man page.


This is the most important part of this posting. Here I will list problems that I encountered.

imapsync quits in the middle of a synchronization

This is most likely caused by a broken Mail::IMAPClient library. Try to download a (newer) version here and include it using perl’s “-I” command line parameter

“xx BAD Command Argument Error. 11” is printed

I had this problem once using an Exchange 2011 as the destination. It means that the current message exceeds the maximum message size. See this post for how to fix it.

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